You Cant!

From a very young age, women are categorized as humans “with limitations.” Girls are told that – she “can’t,” because she is not a boy. She “can’t,” because she is a woman. She is a beautiful object and beauty is the key to a safe and successful life. Through this work, Ava is trying to highlight the limitations girls face from a very young age from direct and indirect messages. These messages stay within and affect her inner power, her ability to be independent, rely on her own abilities and strengths, and make decisions for herself. As adults, women fail because they are not taught to be successful on their own; she should copy a man, or attach herself to a man. The art is shaped to reflect an OM or a “soul within a soul” in the Indian religions. This symbol is being used to refer to the effect of the messages on girls’ souls from their youth and how these messages remain in her soul and limit her future.