How Long is Enough

“Thousands of families left all their life behind to escape war and genocide. The families who went on this journey into the unknown to escape ISIS were everywhere around us in the main cities until the UN and the government managed to settle them in tents on empty land far from the cities. They were in a miserable situation with no sense of belonging, no community, and no expectation for their future. Some had lost family members; mothers lost children, children lost parents, and some lost all their family. The tent life can be a safe haven, given to anyone to protect their life. But how long cam a human lives in this limbo?

People who have been forced to leave their life and communities to be sheltered in a tent! They are called refugees, they are in abstract nakedness of being nothing but human and that was their greatest danger. Living with no status, with no identity, just a strangers living in the land full of tents. Can this ‘virtual house’ be called a home.

Can humans remain sane after going through this destructive experience?”

My art project is about the unknown journey of Ali’s family, who escaped ISIS in 2014 to end up for many years in refugee camp, with no expectations or certainties about their future. Living in an isolated camp- should they consider it home? And for how long? They don’t know

Special Attribute to: Ali’s Family

George Louizos, Curator

Sarah Sea: Film Producer

Omar Abdulkader: Film Production Manager

Haedar Omar: DOP

Hassan Amer: DOP

Firas Sulaiman: Project Coordinator

Please note that this project is not sponsored by any organisation it is self-funded and with support of friends and family.

Ali’s tent was replaced by Caravan on march 2015